Mum’s 70th.

My Mum is turning 70. The “Festival of Frances” has been up and running since Friday night and looks to continue well into the week. Today, we surprised Mum. She arrived late morning for what she thought was a family BBQ but instead was faced with a formally set table, flowers, gift, champagne and the promise of a professionally prepared three course meal. My camera was shared around today – at least four different family members had a go – andRead more

Why we all should celebrate IWD2017.

On this International Women’s Day, I’d like to share some thoughts based on my experience as a woman living and working in Australia today. All of us, men and women, should be celebrating the great, acknowledging the challenges and working towards respect and equality. I hope that the men in your life have felt included, supportive, wanted and very much part of this important day for women. Let me preface the following by saying that I would rather be aRead more

Summer in Newie

It’s Summer in my home town of Newcastle. Right now we are in a recurring cycle of extreme heat, some respite, extreme heat. Soaring 40+ temperatures (that’s 104+ degrees Fahrenheit if you’re reading this overseas) followed by soupy humidity building reluctant storms that whisper rather than shout. As I write this, the temperature gauge says its 37 degrees outside right now. Yeah, it’s bloody hot. Six weeks of school holidays. The heat hasn’t really stopped us. Christmas parties, New YearRead more


Today my little girl and I attended the funeral of her teacher Katie-Jane Day. If you’re reading this and you don’t know me, my family or my daughter’s teacher, these words will likely wash over you. You might feel a pang of regret at hearing of a funeral so close to Christmas. You may be quite sympathetic and mentally note how awful it must be for the family of the teacher. Then your thoughts will turn again to preparing dinnerRead more

The simple things.

There’s a lot to be said about focusing on the present and enjoying the moment. Sounds easy? It’s hard, at least for me. Working life demands that I constantly be planning, implementing and improving; it’s a continuous loop that involves contemplating ‘next steps’. Then there’s school (what’s coming up? what does our daughter need for that day?) and home (what groceries do we need for the week/fortnight? what needs to be done, to be cleaned? what bills are due?). Being purelyRead more

Self-doubt, being special & this blog.

Tammy Guest posted an interesting video blog a week or two ago. It was about remembering your strengths, the things that make you special and of which you should be proud. About remembering your achievements. About remembering the things that you might gloss over in an effort to not stand out, not sound arrogant or simply because you don’t think they’re important enough to share. The things that you might hide from others for fear of being different or notRead more

Have courage.

Portraits. The traditional head-and-shoulders study or eyes-straight-down-the-camera is something with which we are all familiar. In photographing children there is something to be said for capturing a more ‘editorial style’ of portrait. They are changing and growing so fast; a photographic portrait of a child should tell the story of their development in that captured moment in time as much as their physical appearance. Which brings me to my daughter. Our gorgeous girl is a worrier. I see it in herRead more