I am an aspiring professional photographer and lucky mum living and working in the coastal town of Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

I have always enjoyed writing but after winning the Herald’s Hunter Photography Prize in 2016 I decided to let my photos tell the story. Best decision I’ve made in a long time as photography is indeed my happy place. The sense of personal and creative satisfaction I gain from a beautifully completed image is beyond words.

Kids, people, honesty, connection, emotion, art, landscape and natural light inspire me. I love those elusive ‘in-between’ moments in life – they are my focus and fascination. I love capturing the beauty of the everyday, people, places, faces. When a photograph tells a bigger story, more than the literal image, it’s successful in my eyes.

Visit me on facebook at Louise Faulkner Photography or insta Louise Faulkner Photography . You can also check out my early blog posts at Sunday Girl in Newie.

For all enquiries, to book a photo shoot, purchase a featured image, request commissions or simply provide feedback, please contact me by email – I’d love to hear from you.

Lou x

Self Portrait 2


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