Last weekend I bought a book. I’m a lover of book shops and can rarely visit one without walking away with a purchase. I like the tactile pleasure of reading a physical book and have never quite found the same joy in reading a novel on the kindle or iPad. I love browsing books, handling books, getting excited about new books and of course, reading them too. So I found myself in Harry Hartog Bookseller, browsing the second-hand photography “coffeeRead more

No place like home.

Last week I hosted a gathering of my work team. We’re a relatively new group – two teams combined into one – so it was important that we spend time together, get to know each other and collaborate on our team plan. I made an early decision to take everyone out of their ‘normal’ work environment and bring the team together somewhere new to them. ┬áTo create an even playing field where my colleagues would see new sights, be inspired,Read more

A story, photography and me.

ANZAC Day was last month, a day in Australia where we remember all who have defended our country, those who have served and those who have fallen. My family and I attended the Newcastle ANZAC March, something that’s becoming a regular gig for us. Last year we rushed to eat brekky, grumbled through getting dressed and moaned about walking in the rain. Whilst slopping through puddles to a good vantage point, a very young but highly decorated officer in uniformRead more