Love the Light

I tend to only photograph in natural light. It’s easier, often convenient, and creates a sense of time and place. Here are some tips I’ve learned through my own experience.

Time of Day: Always look at the light. Morning and afternoon light throws beautiful shadows, can soften subjects and create magic. The light and time of day can completely shape, add mood and feeling to your shot. Sunsets in Autumn and Winter are amazing on the coast, creating soft pastels and long shadows. Embrace it and go for a weekend walk at sunset with your camera or iPhone. The take-home message is…experiment with natural light.

Lighting up your subjects: When I was growing up I was always asked to face the sun for family photos. The result? Squinty eyes and grimaced smiles. Don’t be scared of a little shade. In the beach shot of my daughter featured on my homepage, the sunlight-brightened colours framed the shot, drawing attention to her gently shaded eyes and expression. Sunlit backgrounds behind your subject are fine too, and will often highlight details you could otherwise miss – just stand to the side to avoid direct glare.




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I live and work in Newcastle, Australia - a gorgeous little coastal town in NSW. Kids, dogs, love, work, trees, the beach and my camera keep me happy. All blog content and photography is copyright Louise Faulkner Photography, but am happy to share with those seeking permission.

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